Lang Harness Racing closes...


Chris LangThe stable that brought you household names such as Let Me Thru, Sundons Gift, Skyvalley, Kyvalley Road, Jauriol and more.

The stable that has won more Group and Classic races than any other in the history of the sport in Australia! We hold the Australasian Record for the number of wins!

Epilogue... March 2015.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end! And so it is with our career in the Trotting world. After a virtual lifetime of involvement with our equine friends, Sharon and I have retired from training horses. We do so with very mixed emotions, after having experienced the absolute pinnacle of winning multiple Inter Dominions, Group 1, and other Classic races, to the other end of the scale when winning a maiden (non-winners) race, anywhere, seemed impossible. It has been a roller coaster ride but looking back, we can appreciate how lucky we have been to have accomplished things far beyond our wildest dreams.

To try and recount all the amazing experiences and thrills we have enjoyed over the years, would be nearly impossible, so here we have listed a few:

We trained over a thousand winners and retired having trained more Group 1 winners than any other harness racing stable in Australia, (pacers and trotters). We have trained the most Breeders Crown winners. At one point, we had in our stable the fastest trotting stallion in Australia, Skyvalley, the fastest gelding, Sundons Gift, and the fastest trotting mare, Dealornodeal. In the 2010/11 racing season, every winner of the Grand Circuit (Masters) series was trained by us. When Sundons Gift retired he was the fastest trotter ever in the Southern Hemisphere and the richest trotter of all time in Australia (and still is!).

Writing this and looking back it is easy to get caught up in the hype and thrill of the BIG stars and events but, statistically speaking in the last 10 years we enjoyed an almost one in four (25%) winning strike rate and almost a 60% strike rate of our horses finishing in the top four. Along the way, one of the many things we learnt was that you never stop learning, and no matter how high you can be after winning or how low you can feel when everything is going wrong, you never know what's around the corner.

And so it is for us now. But as one door closes another opens and Sharon and I leave the industry thankful for our journey and now look forward to a new adventure, who knows where...

Chris and Sharon Lang.